Psicologia dei gruppi virtuali e dei social networks
a.a. 2017/2018
University of Florence, Italy.

Outline of the course

● Lesson 0: The virtual settings

● Lesson I: Introduction to group dynamics

● Lesson II: Internet and Social Interactions

● Lesson III: Cyber-Interactivity

● Lesson IV: SIDE Model and Norm Based influences

● Lesson V: From interpersonl influence to Cyber Emotions

● Lesson VI: Cyber-Personality

● Lesson VII: From the true self to the digital self

● Lesson VIII: Constructing the self in a digital world

● Lesson IX: Privacy in cyber contexts

● Lesson X: Understanding online behaviour: from the single to the group

● Lesson XI: Online Decision Making

● Lesson XII: Internet Prosocial Behaviour

● Lesson XIII: Virtual Groups and Communities (1)

● Lesson XIV: Social Networks and Online Communities

● Lesson XV: Psychosocial Dynamics on Cyberspace

● Lesson XVI: Virtual Communitiy, an introduction

● Lesson XVII: Virtual Communitiy,: motivation and participation

● Lesson XVIII: Collective intelligence

● Lesson XIX: Sociophysics of Virtual environments

● Lesson XX: Crowdsouring and Collective intelligence: Experimental evidencies

● Lesson XXI: Reputation and prosocial gossip online: Experimental evidencies

● Lesson XXII: Social influence in virtual environments: Experimental evidencies