Project: HealdyS

What is HealdyS?

The HealdyS (Healthy Elder Scientists) app is a web-based tool used to involve senior adults into scientific activities (e.g., fruition of scientific news, participation in online surveys), as well as to provide them a simple and user-friendly solution to monitoring their neurocognitive performances over time.
The app is organized as follows:

  • News section: Accessing to this area the user will find contents related to active ageing and about scientific topics that senior adults have shown interest in. The news are constantly updated by a dedicated team.

  • Assessment games section: Here the users may have a first but valid measure of their neurocognitive performance. The assessment tools are thought to be as much enjoyable as possible and to resemble more the experience of web-based game rather than a measurement tool. After completing the assessment the users will receive a “raw” feedback of their performance. The results are returned intuitively using a manometer.

(Fig.1. Example of the manometer used to provide performance feedback to the users)

  • Survey section: Here the users are involved into scientific surveys and questionnaires to collect demoscopic, psychological and psychosocial data. Completing the surveys will confer to the users a number of points (directly proportional to the length of the test) which constitutes the users’ reputation as “Citizen Scientists”. The data collection through scientific surveys and questionnaires meets the needs of both scientific research and of a more complete assessment of the users.



HealdyS app has been partially funded by the european project  InSPIRES (proposal InSPIRES n. 741677, Topic: SwafS-01-2016 Type of action: RIA. Ingenious Science shops to promote Participatory Innovation, Research and Equity in Science).