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17-5-2022       Title: On-line fake news: the effect of moral acceptability and actor’s status  Type: Original Research  Author:  Dr. Bernardo Tempesti
24-5-2022       Title: "Online real self-disclosure: cooperative versus competitive settings"  Type: Original Research  Author:  Dr. Emma Stefani
31-5-2022       Title: The “Cybervictimization Emotional Impact Scale”: validation of the Italian version  Type: Original Research  Author:  Dr. Elena Matteoni
6-6-2022       Title: "Gamified learning in virtual environments and critical thinking: an exploratory study"  Type: Original Research  Author:  Dr. Irene Cerri
14-6-2022       Title: "Psychological impact of remote working: a preliminary investigation"  Type: Original Research  Author:  Dr. Claudia Avolio
21-6-2022       Title: "Relazione Interna - "  Type: Original Research  Author:  Dr. Da definire

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