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12-01-2021       Title: “from 'resistance to change' to 'Implicit readiness to change'. The assessment in virtual environments"  Type: original research Author:  Dr. Elena Serritella
19-01-2021      Title: “Online Locus of Control: towards a new model"  Type: Original Research Author:  Dr.  Sara Meacci  
26-01-2021     Title: - "Disability Representation in Advertising: the Parents'Glance" Type: original research - Author: Dr. Margherita lisi         
02-02-2021       Title: “----"  Type: original research Author:  Dr. Silvia Paoli Fichera
09-02-2021       Title: “----"  Type: original research Author:  Dr. Andrea Ammirabile

                                    The Selfies Phenomenon

mSIDE model: a nonlinear model for deindividution effects

Ego-centered component of a future "fake news model"

                                    Online reputation dynamics

Towards a resilience model in the sporting context

  Group Decision Making: experimental recipes