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7-2-2019     Title:  - Online Personality and Deindividuation: a brand new model of “Deindividuation Susceptibility”: Experimental research - Author:  Silvia Grasso
25-2-2019   Title: .......- Type: Original Research - Author:  Caterina Vannucci - Title: .......
4-3-2019   Title: .......- Type: State of the Art - Author:  Martina Valentini - Title: .......
?-3-2019   Title: .......- Type: State of the Art - Author:  Sofia Soncini - Title: .......- Type: State of the Art - Author:  Roberta Nicodemo
?-3-2019     Title: .......- Type: Experimental Research - Author:  Caterina Vannucci

Past talks

The "Selfies" Phenomenon
Ego-centered component of
a Future "Fake News Model"
Towards a resilience model
in the sporting context
mSIDE model: a nonlinear model for deindividuation effects
Empathy and Online Collective Intelligence: new perspectives
Indirect Reputation
Online Reputation Dynamics
Group Decision Making:
Experimental recipes
A brand new classification
Frontiers of on-line reputation dynamics

31-10-2017    Title:Online Social Facilitation - Type: State of the art - Author: Dr. Giuseppe Graziano Procopio
07-11-2017    Title: Digital Pedagogy: an operative recipe - Type: Research Project - Author: Dr. Andrea Guazzini
14-11-2017    Title: Face recognition and sentiment analysis - Type: State of the art- Author: Prof. Leonardo Bocchi
21-11-2017    Title: The Collective Intelligence: new results - Type: State of the Art - Author: Dr. Enrico Imbimbo
29-11-2017    Title: Digital Conformism - Type: State of the Art - Author: Dr.ssa Sara Panerati
06-12-2017    Title: Frontiers of on-line reputation dynamics - Type: State of the Art - Author: Dr Mirko Duradoni
13-12-2017    Title: Sociophysics of epidemic risk modeling - Type: State of the Art - Author: Prof. Franco Bagnoli
17-01-2018    Title: Online Social Identity Salience  - Type: State of the art - Author: Dr.ssa Silvia Grasso
07-02-2018    Title: Online Radicalization - Type: Original research - Author: Dr.ssa Eleonora Coleschi
14-02-2018    Title: Deindividuation and Cognitive Dissonance - Type: Research Idea - Author: Martina La Gamma
21-02-2018    Title: A brand new classification for online social networks: development of a factorial model of SNS - Type: Original research - Author: Chiara Tremolanti07-02-2018   28-02-2018  Title: Reputational Systems in virtual environment - Type: Original research - Author: Dr.ssa Mirko Duradoni
07-03-2018    Title: Deindividuation - Type: State of the Art - Author: Dr.ssa Viola Filindassi
14-03-2018    Title: Group Decision Making: experimental recipes - Type: State of the Art - Author:  Dr. Andrea Menconi
22-03-2018    Title: Online Reputation Dynamics - Type: State of the Art - Author: Dr .ssa Stefania Collodi
29-03-2018    Title: Indirect reputation - Type: State of the Art - Author: Dr .ssa Chiara Vinchesi
05-04-2018    Title: Empathy and Online Collective Intelligence: new perspectives - Type: State of the Art - Author: Dr .ssa Federica Stefanelli
13-04-2018    Seminario in collaborazione con  "Sguardi sulla Complessità"-Title: Distributed Optimization Handling Nonconvexity and Infinitely Many Constraints - Author: Dr. Francesco Farina
19-04-2018    Title: mSIDE model: a nonlinear model for deindividuation effects - Type: Preliminary results - Author: Dr .ssa Sara Panerati
26-04-2018 Title: Towards a resilience model in the sporting context: the handball case - Type: Preliminary results - Author: Dr .ssa Erika Barbieri
o3-05-2018    Title: Ego-centered component of a Future "Fake News Model" - Type: State of the Art - Author: Dr.ssa Eleonora Boccuzzi
10-05-2018    Title: The "Selfies" Phenomenon - Type: State of the Art - Author: Mirco Ossani
17-05-2018    Title: The "Affinity System" - Type: State of the Art - Author: Priscilla Franchi
24-05-2018    Title: Towards a general theory of strategy- Author: Dr. Andrea Piazzoli
 14-06-2018    Title: Moral Disengagement within virtual environments- Type: State of the Art - Author: Gianmarco Donnini
 06-09-2018    Title: Health Behaviours: the complex effects of interaction between “Rationality” and “Social Salience” effects - Type: Preliminary results - Author: Dr. Ren Manfredi
 06-09-2018    Title: Health Behaviours: the role of MEDIA in interaction between “Rationality” and “Social Salience” - Type: Preliminary results - Author: Dr. Stefano Stella
13-09-2018     Title: In-group favoritism: a computational model- Type: Research paper- Author:  Enrico Imbimbo
04-10-2018     Title: Intelligence as a Cognitive Synaesthesia- Type: State of the Art - Author:  Margherita Tani
11-10-2018     Title: The On-Line Empathy- Type: State of the Art - Author:  Sara Ceccatelli
18-10-2018     Title: Collective Intelligence: future perspectives- Type: State of the Art - Author:  Gioele Grazi
26-10-2018     Title: The Psychology of Emoji - Type: State of the Art - Author:  Maria Fiorenza
08-11-2018     Title: Sociophysics of Influencers- Type: State of the Art - Author:  Margherita Moretti
15-11-2018     Title: The contribution of neuroscience in the study of cooperative dynamics: A brief overview.- Type: State of the Art - Author:  Stefania Collodi
22-11-2018     Title: Toward a multidimensional model of collective intelligence: the moral reasoning - Type: State of the Art - Author:  Giulia di Persia
29-11-2018     Title: Behind the bonder of imagery: a Sport Psychology’s application- Type: State of the Art - Author:  Gabriele Costanzo
17-1-2019     Title: Attitude towards science and scientists - Type: State of the Art - Author:  Nicola Piccardi
24-1-2019     Title: le basi neuropsicologiche del conformismo- Type: State of the Art - Author:  Sara Panerati