Brief guide for submission to VirtHuLab Journal

This guide outlines key points for preparing your submission

First, download the journal template 
from the bottom of the page.

The file already contains the formatting required.

Title: Titles must fit on two lines in print (75 characters including spaces) and should avoid technical terms and abbreviations.

Authors: Corresponding author(s) should be identified with an asterisk.

Abstract: Provide a general introduction to the topic and a brief non-technical summary of your main results and their implication.

Highlights: The main findings of the paper should be presented very briefly with a bulleted list in this section.

Introduction: This section should contain the main reasons why is interesting talking about your research (e.g. the historical evolution of your research interest).

Main text: Present here the core results or analyses of your work.

Conclusion and Discussion: Discuss here the implications of your work.

Potential impact: Clarify in which fields your research interest is going to impact.

References: These may only contain citations in APA style format.

In general, the whole article should respect the following restrictions: An abstract of approximately 150-200 words, unreferenced; the article of no more than 3,500 words and 6 display items (figures, tables).

If you have any problems with the procedure, please do not hesitate to contact the editor in chief ( ).

30 Nov 2017, 04:35