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Step into the world of VirtHulab, and become an integral part of groundbreaking initiatives that redefine the future of human-technology interaction!

Explore with us the frontiers of psychological and neuropsychological research!

Why you should work with us?

The skills and past experiences of our researchers enable us to precisely assess the usability of devices and web platforms, using cutting-edge psychological and neuropsychological models

Thus, we focused on the Research powered by state-of-the-art tools like the PupilCore (Pupillometer) for real-time pupil dilation monitoring and the Neurosky Mindwave Mobile 2, a wireless headset for electroencephalography that provides valuable insights into the intricate world of 8 brain frequencies. 

Additionally, we go beyond mere observation; our utilization of eye-tracking devices allows us to delve deeply into the dynamic nuances of visual interactions.

VirtHuLab stands at the forefront of excellence, having developed algorithms for the automatic recognition of facial expressions and pioneered revolutionary virtual environments for psychological and neuropsychological evaluation. 

Yet, our commitment extends far beyond these achievements. 

We actively engage in psychological and neuropsychological rehabilitation, as well as cyber-therapy, pushing the boundaries of innovation.

What sets us apart is not just our past successes but the promise of exciting future endeavors. 

For this, be part of our journey towards the digital frontier as we create cutting-edge web apps and virtual platforms, including Cardiodiario, in collaboration with esteemed partners such as the National Center for Cardiomyopathies, BadiAMO, VARP Ambiente, VARP Migranti, and Virthulab Care.

And now...

Join us and play a central role in shaping our future! 

Your participation will not only contribute to our success but also pave the way for a new era in human-technology synergy!

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