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Human Virtual Dynamics Workshop
25 - 05 - 2011
Department of Psychology, Florence, Italy

Psychologists explore concepts as perception, cognition, attention, emotion, motivation, brain functioning, personality, individual behaviour, sense making, interpersonal relationships and collective behaviours in groups and other structured contextual settings. When viewed in an evolutionary perspective, psychology acquires the sense of the study of a finely optimized system (the human brain) for social interactions. The increasing knowledge of the working of mind and brain, and the study of social phenomena has opened the study of cognitive modeling, that may represent a key topic in many disciplines, such as sociology, epidemics, politics, marketing. But an even more interesting application concerns information and computers (ICT world): not only because computer devices are designed for human interaction, but also due to the possibility to exploit knowledge about humans in order to devise new tools and approaches in the ICT field. 

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Andrea Guazzini,
6 Oct 2011, 00:46