Prova Our Spaces

Our spaces for research and meetings

  Department of Science of Education and Psychology

Address:  University of Florence, Via di S. Salvi, 12, 50135 Florence.  

1. Computer classroom
The School has a computer classroom where lectures and exams are held and some computer workstations are available to students. The computing room includes 22 workstations with as many connected PCs, after authentication, to the network and on which the following licensed software is installed: SysOp - Win2K Professional, Sw - Office XP, SPSS, MatLab.

2. Professor Guazzini's studio 
(Office 1.08)

3. Laboratory of social psychology.
The laboratory has a classroom with a unidirectional mirror in which experiments can be conducted.

4. Laboratorium
It Contains Online Experiments and Digital Platforms

 Department of Information Engineering

Address: University of Florence, via S. Marta 3, 50139 ,Florence, Italy


1. Computer classroom

2. Professor Bagnoli's studio

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Address: University of Florence,  Viale delle Idee, 6-12, 50019 Polo Universitario, Sesto Fiorentino, Italy. ù

1. Classroom 210