Giocarsi: Gaming and Gamification in contesti professionali

Aim of the course

"Giocarsi" is the master organized by Laborplay, a spin-off of the University of Florence, for all those who want to acquire knowledge and intervention methodologies based on the use of playful devices and gamification in a professional context. 

It is a training program that allows you to combine the concreteness of scientific knowledge with the innovation of daily field experiences. Furthermore, in line with the scientific literature, the use of gaming and gamification in personnel selection, training, and team-building contexts leads to better results compared to traditional techniques. 



29/09/2023: Introduction and Theoretical Foundations of Game Psychology


06/10/2023: Psychology of Decision-Making and Game Theory

13/10/2023: Designing Engagement - Principles of Game Design

20/10/2023: Applying Gamification to Business Processes

27/10/2023: The playful relationship between brands and consumers 


03/11/2023: The Potential of Games in Education

10/11/2023: Gamestorming

17/11/2023: Principles of Lego and Serious Play

24/11/2023: Mechanics and Dynamics: The Importance of Models


01/12/2023: Playing with Emotions

06/12/2023: Playing with Cognitive and Operational Skills

15/12/2023: Playing with Relationships

All 12 lessons will be held online from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM, with a total duration of 36 hours.


Andrea Guazzini

Associate Professor and founder of the Virthulab laboratory at the University of Florence. 

Andrea Mancini

Professor of Marketing and Advertising Psychology at the University of Florence, and founder and managing partner of Laborplay.

Alan Mattiassi

Psychologist, scientific consultant, and researcher of neuroscience of play, gaming, and gamification. Regional representative of PlayRes, professor at the University of Udine, and a research fellow at the University of Modena. Also a member of the scientific committee of the Italian Game and Hexagonal Board Archive.


Giorgio Gronchi

Researcher at the Department of Neuroscience, Psychology, Drug. Research and Child Health, Section of Psychology, and professor at the University of Florence. 

Federica Colli

Work and Organizational Psychologist, Psychotherapist, and a consulting member of Laborplay. 

Fabio Viola

Videogame Designer and Producer - Creative Director,  Art Curator, and Museum Serial Innovator

Francesco Lutrario

Instructor, responsible for the 'Innovation, Research, and Development' area at Sicheo and member of the scientific committee of the GamificationLab at Department of Computer Science, Sapienza University of Rome.

Alberto Maestri

Director of the 'Digital Professions' Series for FrancoAngeli and Scientific Coordinator at 24Ore Business School

Nicolò Santin

CEO & Co-founder Gamindo and Tedx Speaker

Carlo Meneghetti

Toy and game designer, ludic strategist,a game author in the publishing house Headu, and a lecturer in communication theology at IUSVE in Mestre and Verona.

Elena Formica

Work psychologist and certified trainer in the Lego® Serious Play® methodology 

Edoardo Parisi

CEO and Co-founder of Unipiazza and Gamifying Customer Loyalty for Local Businesses

Marco Segatto

Co-Founder of ProjectFun 

Elena Gaiffi

Work psychologist and managing partner of the academic spin-off Laborplay. 

Francesco Bocci

Creator of Video Game Therapy in Italy 

Manuele Ulivieri

Work psychologist, dynamic founder and managing partner of Laborplay.

Mario Magnani

Work psychologist, and a founding partner of Laborplay

Dario Solina

Humanitarian Clown, Project Coordinator for Gesundheit Institute by Patch Adams (USA, Latin America), Instructor at the School for Designing a Society (USA), and founder of Say it to a Clown. Public Policy Consultant for the State of Jalisco Government (Mexico), and Director of Humanist Coordination for the 'Assessment Protocol for Institutionalized Children and Youth' 

Fabrizio Lonzini

Counselor AT, Coach, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator, and above all, a FUN Designer. 

Gianni Costantino

Work psychologist and  consultant HR Laborplay 

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