The lab organizes weekly public science talks, where researchers, students and undergraduates present their research and/or research thesis, with the aim of promoting new knowledge and stimulating debate and discussion on the topics addressed. 


Virthulab is very active in scientific research with more than 100 scientific publications from 2008. 

Virthulab members collaborate closely with other authors from different universities and different sectors, thus promoting multidisciplinary and inclusive research. 

Scientific Dissemination

Explore the fascinating world of knowledge! Discover the wonders of our scientific universe through seminars, conferences, workshops, and much more. Dive into the realm of Science with Virthulab, where innovation meets the most excellence. 

Public Engagement

Celebrate Culture and Community! Be a part of our activities directed to educate, enrich culture, and contribute to societal progress. From partnerships, exhibitions, participatory democracy projects, and initiatives, the Virthulab engages in the 'third mission' to communicate and spread the benefits of its education and its research outcomes.