Scientific research

The VirtHuLab research laboratory carries out the following scientific activities:

VirtHuLab's skills and previous experiences allow its scholars to evaluate the usability of devices and web platforms, using psychological and neuropsychological models. Furthermore, VirtHuLab has already successfully implemented strategies able to improve the perceptive and cognitive ergonomics of new technologies involving human-machine interactions. For its research Virthulab also uses neuropsychological tools, such as:

Virthulab has developed algorithms for automatic recognition of facial expressions, virtual environments for psychological and neuropsychological assessment, together with procedures for psychological, neuropsychological rehabilitation and cyber-therapy.

The laboratory is also developing webapps and virtual platforms such as Cardiodiario, in collaboration with the national center for cardiomyopathies, BadiAMO, VARP Ambiente, VARP Migranti and Virthulab Care.