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GAL - Progetti di rigenerazione delle comunità 2022

Call: "GAL PdC" community regeneration projects

The general purpose of the specific action "Community Regeneration Projects" (PdC) is the production of goods and services, otherwise hardly available, relating to all those areas that each community deems priority and indispensable to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the its inhabitants: from work to education and professional training, from social-health assistance to cultural and recreational activities, from tourism to environmental care.

Links to tenders:

Progetti di ricerca di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale 2022

Announcement: Research Projects of Relevant National Interest "MUR PRIN"

The PRIN program finances two-year projects which, due to their complexity and nature, may require the collaboration of several professors/researchers, whose funding needs exceed the normal availability of individual institutions. Depending on the nature of the project, the research group must consist of at least two research units belonging to several different universities, bodies or institutions.

Link to announcement: https://prin.mur.gov.it//

Contributi 2021 Casa di Risparmio di Carrara

The Casa di Risparmio di Carrara Foundation has published the call for grants for the year 2021.

The eligible project proposals can be traced back to 8 sectors of intervention of the Foundation, including the promotion and incentive of scientific and technological research in all disciplines.

Grant requests must be sent, by PEC or registered letter, by 15 March 2021, using the form that can be downloaded from the Foundation's website.

For more information, visit the Foundation's website: https://www.fondazionecrcarrara.com/contributi/attivita-erogativa/

Scarica Modulo Richiesta                            Scarica Regolamento Erogazioni

Progetto Tuscan Startup Academy 4.0

Bando: Corso di Alta Formazione in Europrogettazione: Tecniche e Metodi "EURO-TM".  

Possono partecipare:

• Dottorandi iscritti ad un corso di dottorato presso università toscane; 

• Dottori di ricerca che hanno conseguito il titolo da non più di 24 mesi presso una delle università toscane; 

• Titolari di borse di studio post-laurea e post-doc, assegnisti di ricerca operanti presso università toscane.

Link al bando: https://www.unifi.it/cmpro-v-p-9822.html

NGI - Funding opportunities and much more!

This edition of the NGI newsflash focusses on the support offered by NGI that goes beyond the €75 m financing – 80 percent of which, that’s €60 million - is distributed to innovators. All innovators who receive funding also receive mentoring and guidance to make their vision a reality. As a community committed to the European values of trust, security, privacy and inclusion – here are even more ways – above and beyond the financing – that we’re working to build an Internet of humans.

More info: https://mailchi.mp/ngi/ngi-newsflash-jun2020-funding?e=7413544c2d

Ideas and practices to overcome the impact of Covid-19 together

The Coronavirus emergency has given rise to a series of actions aimed at finding solutions to support communities in the immediate future: companies convert their production to make masks or gowns; crowdfunding platforms launch fundraising campaigns to equip hospitals with new intensive care units; innovation players launch calls to research cutting-edge diagnostic and monitoring projects and devices. However, there are still few actions designed to start planning, or implementing, concrete activities to support the restart: this second perspective is undoubtedly more complicated not only to imagine, but also to transform into concrete action.

Can you offer us something too? Come and share your ideas with us!

Project at Utrecht University 

The goal of the project, funded by the ERC, will be to identify the developmental origins and psychological underpinnings of adolescents' eco-friendly behavior.

5 year project, conducted in the developmental Psychology programme at Utrecht Univeristy.

The Postdoc will examine whether and how adolescents’ eco-friendly behavior is rooted in their need for autonomy and peer status and the developmental emergence of environmental skepticism in adolescents, in order to inform global pro-environmental policies (e.g. educational programmes, campaigns) and help tailor them to adolescents.

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Predoctoral research fellows, conscientific assistants...

The Max Planck Institute for Human Development is dedicated to the study of human development and education. Researchers from various disciplines – including psychology, education, sociology and medicine – work together on interdisciplinary projects at the Berlin Institute. The research questions they examine include decision making, the influence of the educational institution on student development and learning processes, the interaction between behavior and brain function and how this changes throughout life, how human emotions change in a historical context and how they have influenced the course of history itself.


It is an ERA-NET project which brings together most of the regional and national funding organizations in Europe (NRFOs).

The HBP Call topic is aimed at deepening the study of the human brain, in connection with information technologies for the development of new treatments for brain disorders.

Faculty, Student & Post Student Support

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