(Transdisciplinary Action Research Against Vaccine Esitancy)

"An action-research to encourage an active and participatory

citizenship capable of supporting public reflection on vaccines"

Our Starting Point

Vaccine Hesitancy

Vaccine Hesitancy refers to delayed acceptance or refusal of vaccination despite the availability of vaccination services. Vaccine hesitancy is complex and context-specific, varying across time, places, and vaccines (Mac Donald, 2015). 

What's causing the vaccine hesitancy? Is it misinformation, conflicting messages from experts and the media, or something else entirely? 

That's where our project comes in. We're tackling vaccine hesitancy starting with the design and testing of a web-based observatory to monitor and assess this phenomenon within local communities. 

Using the Extended Parallel Process Model (EPPM - Witte, Meyer & Martell, 2001; Coombs, 2020), we'll investigate how health institutions can effectively communicate with the public about vaccines, especially in times of crisis like COVID-19. 

We'll provide insights on how to improve public health communication and manage effective social campaigns that address vaccine hesitancy.


TARAVH project aims to achieve 3 objectives:

The project is characterized by two levels:

Project Outputs

Through our innovative portal, you can gather information in a pervasive and non-invasive manner, fully respecting GDPR regulations while preserving your privacy.

Thanks to the  collected data, we have built a dynamic map of the psychological characteristics of the involved territories. This allows for monitoring vaccine hesitancy over time and space, and in relation to different types of diseases and vaccines.

At this point, a tailored communication strategy, dissemination, and public engagement will be employed based on the produced map to more effectively promote adherence to vaccination campaigns

Relation of the project with the Horizon 2020/Horizon Europe themes and with the thematic priorities of PNR 2021-2027

The project deals with the Pillar II “Global Challenges & European Industrial Competitiveness”, Cluster 1 “Health” and Cluster 2 “Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society" of Horizon Europe. Within the thematic priorities of PNR 2021-27, the project relates to the macro-issue “Health”.

Research Team

Dr. Andrea Guazzini

PI - Dr.ssa Letizia Materassi

Dr. Patrizio Zanobini



Contact andrea.guazzini@unifi.it to get more information about the project